Solo Practice Uses
ROSS to Deliver Results
for Bankruptcy and Tax
Clients on Tight Budgets

Selwyn Whitehead
Law Offices of Selwyn D. Whitehead

“ROSS saves me at least 40% of the time I used to spend on legal research.”



Selwyn D. Whitehead is a sole practitioner specializing in bankruptcy, tax, trusts and estates and real estate. She helps clients facing foreclosure, vehicle repossession and the burden of taxes or unsecured debts. Prior to her legal career, Selwyn worked as a communications systems engineer at one of the country’s largest telecommunications companies.


Build a new type of legal platform to support enrepreneurs.


Selwyn’s background in systems engineering has always influenced her approach to her law practice. “As a result of my engineering background I’m always looking for tools that can help me do my best work.”

ROSS’ natural language search capabilities, along with filtering and case summarization, allow Selwyn to increase the impact of her legal research. “I use ROSS to find cases to begin a memo. Whether I’m doing the research myself or working with a legal assistant, ROSS gives us the best results.”

ROSS Helps On Tight Budgets

Much of Selwyn’s practice is based around fixed fee work or fees that are supervised and approved by the court.

“My bankruptcy practice is geared toward individuals, families and small businesses so I have to maximize efficiency every step of the way. Since our fees are supervised and approved by the court, I need to get the most bang for the buck. I face the same challenges in my tax work. I need to tell my client quickly whether or not we have a righteous case. If I don’tI think we’ll win, we need to look at alternatives before running up a big bill. Cutting right to the chase is what is what interests me and my clients. The ROSS natural language search and the automatic case summarization lets me do this by increasing efficiency and accuracy. ROSS saves me at least 40% of the time I used to spend on legal research.”

Selwyn began using ROSS in its earliest days and has had a front row seat as the platform has developed and grown. Every improvement to ROSS’s AI search capabilities has had a direct impact on Selwyn’s work. “Now I can not only go directly to the passage that responds to my, but also enter facts and motions to find cases directly on point.”

Prior to using ROSS, legal research was time intensive and often counter-intuitive. “ROSS helps me focus my thinking during legal research. When you start in a new area of law, other systems often return weird results or deliver responses that don't even make sense. With ROSS the results are clear and comprehensive. That’s helpful because time is everything to me”.


Selwyn’s commitment to her clients is a good example of what makes us so passionate about the AI research we do at ROSS. Our technology is designed to bring the power of the world’s best AI research into the hands of sole practitioners and small firms. We look forward to working with Selwyn to develop affordable legal research technology that will continue to revolutionize the practice of law.

Client Recommends ROSS

“ROSS saves me at least 40% of the time I used to spend on legal research.”

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