ROSS is a legal research platform powered by artificial intelligence for U.S. law.

Our team of machine intelligence scientists and seasoned lawyers works toward one goal: Building technology that helps lawyers deliver fast, cost-effective client wins.

Deliver the right advice on-time and on-budget.
ROSS will get you up to speed faster on new cases and novel issues.
Our AI Search reads through all case law and provides you with the precise collection of cases you need to develop authoritative legal positions.
Spend more time providing high-value legal advice to your clients. Spend less time sorting through pages and pages of irrelevant cases.
I’d rather simply just ask ROSS my question and get what I need.
Maralyn Campanella,
Scale your abilities.
do your best work.
Don't waste time learning new vocabulary or new terms of art every time you start a new case. ROSS navigates syntax and context to surface the right cases even if you don't know the exact legal jargon
Unlike other tools, you can also have ROSS analyze facts and motions to better understand the nuances of your legal research.
ROSS will find cases that other systems miss because our AI Search understands your question without relying on brute force keyword matching.
legal research
redesigned for the new business of law.
Get started now. In less than 5 minutes you can be up and running on ROSS.
Have the confidence to take on alternative fee arrangements assisted by artificial intelligence. Drive realization rates by minimizing unproductive legal research.
“ROSS is so highly intuitive and easy to use that we were able to introduce it into our workflow seamlessly.”
Luis Salazar, Salazar Law
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